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Imagine being packed up and ready to hop on a flight, or actually arriving in your destination city, only to be stopped with extreme tooth pain. The kind that qualifies as a medical emergency and needs attention immediately.  This was Bill a few years ago. An urgent root canal was needed, and luckily he found…

A Custom Treatment Plan to Save One Man’s Smile

While losing your front teeth isn’t a medical emergency, it is a smile emergency!

While losing your front teeth isn’t a medical emergency, it is a smile emergency! Mr. Smith experienced this first-hand when his old cantilever bridge popped off, leaving him with four missing teeth, right up front. Dr. Francine Estrada’s two NYC offices in Gramercy Park and Midtown Manhattan schedule patients like Sonelius ASAP. A Dental Treatment…

smile design near me

“Can I Get Smile Design Near Me?”

If you have heard of digital smile design and find yourself asking, “Can I get smile design near me?,” we have great news. We use digital smile design with all our Midtown Manhattan procedural cosmetic dentistry clients. Come try it out and see what your best future smile will look like! Beyond just using this…

You need a root canal. Now what?

What to Expect from Your Root Canal Procedure

So, you’ve heard the dreaded news: You need a root canal. This isn’t anyone’s favorite dental diagnosis, but we’re here to tell you that it’s a lot less scary than you think (and than it used to be!). Dental surgery has come a long way in recent years, and — lucky you — you get…


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