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smile design near me

If you have heard of digital smile design and find yourself asking, “Can I get smile design near me?,” we have great news. We use digital smile design with all our Midtown Manhattan procedural cosmetic dentistry clients. Come try it out and see what your best future smile will look like!

Beyond just using this amazing technology in the customer-facing side of our dental practice, Dr. Francine Estrada also uses it to engage directly with the lab to produce just-right results for you.

Without her dedicated engagement, the lab production team could be working on new teeth for you without knowing you — who you are, what your face looks like, and even whether you’re male or female! For example, Dr. Estrada knows that women tend to have softer, more rounded teeth, and men usually have harder angles. 

She takes extensive pictures of your face and smile, from the front and in profile from each side. Then, Dr. Estrada works directly with the lab professionals, offering client-specific feedback and direction. When making crowns for a client, she typically requests a wax mock up first so that she and the lab tech can look at it together and make sure it aligns with your goals for your ideal visual appearance.

Every face is different, and the best cosmetic dentists — like Dr. Estrada — will go above and beyond to make sure your results meet and exceed your expectations.  

The worst thing to hear when you have new teeth is, “Wow! Who did your teeth?” You want your teeth to look 100% natural, so instead you’re hearing, “Wow, you have a beautiful smile!”

Natural teeth aren’t monochromatic, for example. So your replacement teeth shouldn’t be all one color. An experienced dentist will use translucent porcelain combining up to five shades to give you a natural-looking end result. 

Everyone wants a beautiful smile, but at the end of the day, you need to work with a cosmetic dentist who knows how to choose the right materials for your mouth, your face, and your goals. 





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