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Dental Laser

There are different kinds of dental lasers, and we have invested in one of the best in the industry: the Gemini diode laser. With it, we’re bringing laser dentistry in NYC to a higher standard of excellence.

Less effective dental lasers can deeply penetrate surface gum tissue during treatment, but they often get too hot and damage tissues and structures deeper down. Recovery from that kind of treatment is painful and lengthy.

That’s why we wanted something better for our patients. With the Gemini diode laser, we can target surface tissues alone without compromising any deeper tissues or structures. It’s perfect for gingivectomy treatment for gummy smiles, and also for frenectomies (tongue-ties).

Frenectomies free the tongue by severing the strip of tissue that keeps it stuck in the bottom of the mouth. Now, we can avoid the trauma of a scalpel, as the laser eliminates the tongue tie quickly and easily with minimal tissue damage.

Dental laser treatment is also good for faster healing of mouth ulcers, or “canker sores.”

Call us today to ask us about our Gemini diode laser and how it could help you have more comfortable, effective treatment for your oral health issues.



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