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You need a root canal. Now what?

So, you’ve heard the dreaded news: You need a root canal. This isn’t anyone’s favorite dental diagnosis, but we’re here to tell you that it’s a lot less scary than you think (and than it used to be!). Dental surgery has come a long way in recent years, and — lucky you — you get to benefit from that!
We’re all about preserving your natural teeth whenever possible, and root canals are one way of accomplishing this. They allow us to remove the damaged parts of your tooth without pulling it out and replacing it. Years ago, root canals were notoriously painful. Today though, the procedure is nearly pain free thanks to modern dental technology and more effective anesthesia procedures. 

It really isn’t as scary as you think: we promise!

Think of your root canal as an END TO PAIN, not the cause of it! If you’re suffering with a painful, decayed, or damaged tooth that needs treatment, your root canal will be a welcome relief. Most root canals are completed in two visits. The first visit is all about alleviating pain by removing the source of it: your infected or damaged tooth root. On your second visit, we will clean and permanently cap your tooth to prevent further damage or decay and restore its function.

Almost all dental insurance plans cover root canals. Call our office and we’ll help you confirm what treatments are covered.




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