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A Custom Treatment Plan to Save One Man’s Smile

While losing your front teeth isn’t a medical emergency, it is a smile emergency! Mr. Smith experienced this first-hand when his old cantilever bridge popped off, leaving him with four missing teeth, right up front. Dr. Francine Estrada’s two NYC offices in Gramercy Park and Midtown Manhattan schedule patients like Sonelius ASAP.

Dental Artist team member leans in, hand on patient Sonelius Smith's shoulder. Both appear proud.
A Dental Treatment Plan Just for Him
Mr. Smith’s dental emergency called for a little bit of problem solving, and Dr. Estrada rose to the occasion. Together with Mr. Smith and her staff, she came up with a plan that suited his needs. Cosmetic dentistry isn’t one-size-fits-all. Contact us today to set up a consultation so we can start your custom treatment plan!

A few issues complicated Mr. Smith’s situation:

  • Because of the way his original teeth broke at the gum line when the bridge came out, he was not a candidate for root canals or crown lengthening.
  • Due to existing bridges, a new bridge would have nothing to anchor to.
  • And finally, as a retiree watching his budget, he did not feel bone grafts and porcelain implants were the right choice for him.

But Dr. Estrada knew there were other ways to get him smiling confidently again!

They talked through all of Mr. Smith’s options and settled on a partial acrylic denture to replace the missing teeth quickly and affordably. His new teeth weren’t just fast and budget-friendly, they are also a great long-term solution. He can eat and smile again with no worries! He is pleased as can be with the solution he and Dr. Estrada came up with together.

How Do You Know What’s Right for You? Talk with a Top Expert!

The teeth of Sonelius Smith before the partial denture that replaced his four front teeth, which broke at the gum line.
Sonelius Smith's teeth, after a partial that replaced his four front teeth. His new front teeth are straight and white.


Porcelain implants can be a beautiful and highly functional choice for tooth replacement, but the patient must decide if the time and financial commitment is right for them. Other variables like location in the mouth and existing dental work also factor into this decision. That’s where a compassionate, kind and knowledgeable dentist like Dr. Francine Estrada comes in! She can help you design a cosmetic dentistry treatment plan that suits your needs, wishes, and budget.


What Will Your Treatment Plan Look Like?

Dr. Francine Estrada and her team can fix smile emergencies like Mr. Smith’s, but they can also take care of all your other cosmetic dental needs. From missing teeth to tooth whitening, root canals to smile design, implants, Botox, and all things in-between—they can help you get exactly the smile you want! Is dental anxiety stopping you? Ask about sedation options at either office, Gramercy or Midtown Manhattan. Reach out now to get your ideal smile!




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