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NYC Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Francine Estrada: Helping You Find Your Best Smile is What Lights Up Hers.


A 90-minute checkup that’s so much more than routine.

Smile treatments that leave you feeling happy and confident.

Practically painless root canals? Yes, please.

Missing or damaged teeth? We can help.

Your painless gum recession solution.

iTero dental scanner provides the clearest picture of your oral wellness.

Gemini diode brings laser dentistry in NYC to a higher standard of excellence.

We know how important it is for you to feel safe, calm, and relaxed.


Dr. Estrada has highly specialized training in all areas of general dentistry, such as teeth whitening, gum treatment, braces, and implant dentistry. Additionally, she has completed extensive training in esthetic dentistry and Invisalign, and she also provides Botox injections. Schedule your next appointment today!



A Custom Treatment Plan to Save One Man’s Smile

While losing your front teeth isn’t a medical emergency, it is a smile emergency!

While losing your front teeth isn’t a medical emergency, it is a smile emergency! Mr. Smith experienced this first-hand when his old cantilever bridge popped off, leaving him with four missing teeth, right up front. Dr. Francine Estrada’s two NYC offices in Gramercy Park and Midtown Manhattan schedule patients like Sonelius ASAP. A Dental Treatment…

Dr. Francine Estrada: Pairing Dentistry and Botox in NYC

Dr. Francine Estrada: Pairing Dentistry and Botox in NYC

Many people are familiar with Botox as a facial treatment to combat aging. For some celebrities, it’s probably a routine part of their annual check-up! Most people don’t know that an increasing number of talented dentists are now treating their patients with Botox for various dental and cosmetic reasons. For Dental Artist Dr. Francine Estrada,…



"This is a serious practice, state-of-the-art techniques, and also a caring and brilliant team. One could hardly ask for better dental care. Dr. Estrada is responsive to any level of concerns that she has proven generous to address and resolve."
Avital Ronell
"Pleasant well appointed offices, welcoming staff. Major focus on patient's comfort. Emphasis on explaining procedures."
Rob Tobing
"Dr. Estrada is amazing. I want her as my life long dentist, mentor, and best friend 🙃. On a serious note, I feel so welcome and cared for whenever I’m there. She and the entire team also have great attention to detail and really motivate me to take better care of my teeth. Highly recommend to everyone! 🙌"
Anya Ruvinskaya
"Dr. Estrada is a very lovely and knowledgeable dentist. You will feel comfortable and assured you are and will be getting the best care. The office staff is very down to earth and it’s always a very pleasant and quick visit! You won’t ever have to wait longer than your appointment time to be seen."
Samantha Stila
"Dr Estrada is an wonderful dentist. She is caring and gently. My teeth look amazing. The staff in the practice are professional and helpful."
Rosemary Schluger
"Excellent customer service. Staff is always courteous warm and helpful. Dr.Franciine and Tara are the best !!!!!!?"
Thomas T. Williams
"I was pleasantly surprised. I was seen promptly and everyone was so nice and professional. I have very sensitive teeth, so I am usually anxious before cleanings, but I didn’t cringe once during the cleaning. Success!"
"great experience as always - The office is clean and bright. All the staff, Technicians and Doctors are helpful, caring and pleasant. They are willing to listen and talk."
Rusty Curcio



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  • Thurs 8am - 5pm
  • Open one Sat/month 8am - 3pm (Call for availability)
  • Mon 8am - 5pm
  • Tues 8am - 5pm
  • Thurs 8am - 5pm
  • Friday to Sunday Closed
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