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Three Ways to Practice Self-Care

Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Francine Estrada with practices in Midtown Manhattan and Gramercy Park NYC suggests that cosmetic dentistry is the ultimate in self-care..

Dr. Francine Estrada: Pairing Dentistry and Botox in NYC

Dr. Francine Estrada: Pairing Dentistry and Botox in NYC

Many people are familiar with Botox as a facial treatment to combat aging. For some celebrities, it’s probably a routine part of their annual check-up! Most people don’t know that an increasing number of talented dentists are now treating their patients with Botox for various dental and cosmetic reasons. For Dental Artist Dr. Francine Estrada,…

Manhattan Smile Design, At Your Service

Our Customized Dental Treatment Plans Will Leave You Smiling

If you’ve heard the buzz about digital smile design in Manhattan and would like to experience it for yourself, we’re ready to help you craft the smile you’ve always wanted. With the very latest in dental planning simulation software at our fingertips, your ideal smile is closer than ever. Perhaps the most amazing thing about…

smile design near me

“Can I Get Smile Design Near Me?”

If you have heard of digital smile design and find yourself asking, “Can I get smile design near me?,” we have great news. We use digital smile design with all our Midtown Manhattan procedural cosmetic dentistry clients. Come try it out and see what your best future smile will look like! Beyond just using this…


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